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Hello, everyone! Welcome to my blog, and I’m going to spend a little time here to tell you about me. Right now I’m 17-years-old and a junior in a small school. I like to spend my free time reading or writing, but at times I do watch movies and play video games like the BioShock series and Dishonored. I have a cat named Hobbs (my mom named him after Calvin’s imaginary tiger from the comic Calvin and Hobbes), a dog who is as old as I am, and a new hamster. Oh, and my mom’s cat too. Most of the time the things I write are short stories, but I hope to one day become a full-fledged novelist. I do incorporate LGBT themes into my stories mainly because I think it’s sad that there aren’t a lot of stories out there that have them, and I aim to change that. I recently got recognized by the President and CEO of EAST – which is the tech program I take – and received an EAST Exemplar coin. It’s rare that they give one of those out, and by rare I mean in the 9 years the program has been up in the U.S., they’ve only given out about 100. This blog is to share my stories and struggles with you, and I hope that maybe I can inspire someone through my posts.

P.S. You can call me Izzy, or by my pen name which is Elizabeth Lightwood. For some reason, I like that name so I’ve decided to use it.

Warrior Cats

Warrior Cats is a series that some of you may or may not know, so if you don’t know it, I think you can conclude from the title, it’s about cats. It surrounds a cat that goes from his family to living in the wild with a clan of cats. This is more than I’ve ever said about any of my book highlights, so I’m going to stop there and make you guys read it.


Eyes Like Stars

I read Eyes Like Stars in my middle school days (so only about 5 or 6 years ago), and even though I don’t remember all of it, I can tell you that it is an amazing book. Again, since I don’t remember all of it, I can’t tell you everything about it, but I can tell you that it’s really pretty good, and I like it. There’s a second book, but I don’t remember its title, and I have no idea if there are any more after that, but if there are, then I’m betting they’re pretty good too.


Believe It or Not

“Believe or not, everyone has things that they hide.” Those are words from the song, and to be honest, it is true. Even your closest friend can have secrets that you may not know about. I know that my friends have secrets that I don’t know about, and I’m not going to push it. I like this song, I don’t know why, but I just find it a little catchy if you ask me.


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Bring Me To Life

Bring Me To Life is probably Evanescence’s most recognizable song. I heard it a lot when I was a kid, so it’s stuck with me all these years. I love it and think it’s amazing. If you have already heard it, then you might know what I mean, if you haven’t, then I encourage you to listen to it.



Queen of Swords

Queen of Swords is actually a song my mom heard at work (which is a surprise considering JCP has really crappy music). I’m not really sure what it means or anything, but it’s still a good song, and I like it none the less.



Humble and Kind

Again, I know that same of you don’t listen to country music, but even if you don’t listen to country music, I think this is one song all of us should at least give a chance and listen to. It has a great message if you pay attention, and I just love it all around.




I have not seen this video, so watch at your own discrestion.

Unwritten is a song that I heard when I was little and I like it. It’s talking about like and that your story isn’t over yet. I wish I had listened to it when I was depressed, but I listen to it now, and it helps remind me that the rest of my story is unwritten and that only I can finish the story and decide where it goes, and the same goes for you too. Only you can decide how your story goes by the choices you make.



The Fighter

This is one song that I like, and it’s one I try and listen to when I know I’m having a rough day and those voices in my head say that I’m not worth it etc. (No, they aren’t the crazy voices that tell me to kill people, they’re just the crazy voices that help keep my depression in place).

It’s talking about how you can pull through even when everyone else says you can’t. Life is rough, majorly, and I know that. School stress, home stress, emotional rollercoasters, so on and so forth. It takes its toll on me, and that’s when I need a pick me up. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t, but even if it doesn’t work, these songs help me remember that I can make it through.

This song is talking about how you are a fighter, and you are. If you have or have had depression, even if you haven’t, life getting you down is just how it goes. You are a fighter. You’ve made it too far to give up now. I tend to think that I should have died when I was a child or should have killed myself last year when I really had the chance, but I didn’t, and you don’t have to either.

You’re a fighter, as the song says, and you can tell the world to kiss your ass because you can rise above and prove that you’re more than what they are saying you are. You can do it.



Come and Save Me

Come and Save Me is a short story I wrote last summer based off of a roleplay that my friend and I did so that we could turn it into a book. It’s a really good storyline once you understand what’s going on. I spent most of my summer last year writing short stories based off of our characters and I went nuts. This isn’t the first one I wrote, but it is the longest. I have two versions, the first is before changes, and the second is after changes that my friend Josh helped me make (shout out to him and his amazing novel Sheltered, you should totally check it out). I hope you guys like them, and please, if you have any comments or see any mistakes, tell me. It would be much appreciated in the way that it will help me grow as a writer.

Come and Save Me verson 1

Come and Save Me


Maximum Ride

Maximum Ride is a YA series, but I still recommend it none the less. It’s addictive and a little fast-paced. It may (or may not) keep you guessing about what will happen next and if Max and the gang can pull through. This is another superb series by James Patterson (the same one who wrote Women’s Murder Club that I suggested a few weeks back). It’s one of my favorite series, and I hope you guys read it some time.